Germanys Newcomer 2010

Riad El Muniss Al Qusar - Foto: G. WaiditschkaRiad El Muniss Al Qusar
(Teymur B x El Thay Bint Maheera)
Breeder: Robert Schlereth & Volker Wettengl, Hanstedt
Owner: Marigret Klein, Jade

Mrs Klein already fell in love with Riad El Muniss Al Qusar in the first weeks of his life, because he was such a beautiful foal and he already became her property in this moment.

The period when horses are looking like a donkey is known to the breeders of Asil Arabs, and when he became 1.5 years old, this phase of 6 months started for him. As a 2-year-old he began to flourish and the owner received lots of compliments for her young stallion. She enthusiastically talks about the fantastic character of her stallion who is easy to care and to handle and who is just adorable.

He has inherited this great character from his father Teymur B (Assad x 214 Ibn Galal I) who lives on the stud farm Al Qusar Arabians. His box door is open and there is just a chain hanging in front of it which would be overlooked by other stallions. Breeding horses such as Teymur B are those we need in Asil Arab breeding: with perfect character, blessed with type and decent under the saddle. In 1998, Teymur B received a gold award and was named the senior winner on the occasion of the stallion registration show VZAP in Aachen. The good character of his heirs has become famous and one of his daughters went to Qatar. Teymur B´s father Assad (Ansata Halim Shah x Arussa) has five sons who have received a number of awards (1 gold, 3 silver and 1 white).

Riad El Muniss Al Qusar - Foto: G. WaiditschkaMrs Klein is very content with Teymur B´s breeding. She has two direct and one further descendant. Concerning her mare Riad Habana (Teymur B x Habenda von Probat), it is especially remarkable that she has already passed a successful race career in Warsaw/Poland. With Riad El Muniss Al Qusar, Mrs Klein has a direct Asil descendant from Teymur B for the first time.

Normally, Mrs Klein sends her horses to Poland for the race training. She has gained good experience there, as her horses returned in good physical and psychological condition. But as Mrs Klein wanted to have Riad El Muniss Al Qusar in her proximity, the race training was started in Germany when he was 3 years old. He made three races.

On the 2010 stallion registration show, Riad El Muniss Al Qusar was awarded with the gold ribbon and became premium stallion of the show.

On the occasion of the 2011 general meeting of the VZAP, Mrs Klein was given the gold badge of the FN as award with certificate.

This year Riad El Muniss Al Qusar is going to pass the riding exam. We wish him good luck!